Find your new place with Property Megamart


What Is Property Megamart?

PropertyMegaMart is a online platform to get the best real estate deals for you. We form group of like minded people interested in same project to get the maximum possible discount for buyers which they can't get individually. we negotiate with the builder on the behalf of a group and bring a huge saving for each individual.

How does it work exactly?

A individual suggest a deal in the project of his interest and then wait for the other like minded people to join his group or joins an already existing group for the same project. Once the group is formed we negotiate with the concerned builder on behalf of the group and bring a huge discount.

How many people are required in the group?

The number of people required varies from deal to deal. We mention the number of people required for each deal.

If you don't get required number of people by the specified date, will the deal execute?

If The group doesn't get required number of people by the specified date the deal will lapse. If there is a considerable number of members in the group we will try to renegotiate with builder but finally it is up to the decision of the builder/developer if he would like to give any offer.

Do you charge anything to buyers?

In normal circumstances we do not charge anything to buyers. We charge a nominal fee from real estate developer to take care of our expenses. If any deal requires any brokerage from buyer, it will be informed to the buyer.

Can I post a deal if I have one?

Yes, if you think you have a good deal, please write it to us.

What if I have a buyer, group of buyers or a deal?

If you have buyer or group of buyers write it to us we will share with you a part of profit generated from those buyers.

What if you do not find any project which suits your need?

In that case you can send us your requirement and we will try to come up with a deal which match your requirement.